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YAKIN (Unit Kerjasama Informasi Pelanggan)


YAKIN (Unit Kerjasama Informasi Pelanggan), is a one of the unit of Customer Service Department in SYABAS. YAKIN serves the needs of the domestic or residential consumers in the state of Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. It is a community based unit and it interacts directly with the domestic consumers in the dissemination of information and resolving problems on water supply related issues.


Our Mission

Provide excellent and consistent service to domestic consumers and community leaders relating to SYABAS water services and being proactive in handling issues that may arise from time to time and fulfil the company requirement based on the Standard Operating Procedure.


Key Functions of YAKIN

Identify community leaders and work closely to build rapport. 

Regularly monitor and update database on consumers and community leaders.

Inform community leaders and resident associations on water disruption notices by SMS and Email.

Organise dialogues and consumer related programmes to discuss issues regarding water supply and built rapport with community leaders and consumers.
Propagate customer education to create awareness on water supply issues.
Identify water supply and water quality issues encountered by consumers.
Strive to inform affected area Community Leaders on major pipe burst.
Follow up with complaints made by consumers and community leaders relating to :

  • Supply interruptions, Supply shortages & Water quality issues 
  • Pipes burst and leakages, Damaged meters, & Water thefts
  • Disconnection of water supply
  • Any special issues relating to domestic consumers
YAKIN monitors and coordinates its operation from HQ and Districts through its customer service representatives in all Ten (10) Syabas District Offices.