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Industrial Consumer Unit (ICU)

About ICU

ICU understands the needs and importance of having high quality and reliable water supply systems to support the industrial and commercial sectors. Industrial and commercial customers are one of the important customer sector to SYABAS. This sector also demands SYABAS special attention due to its' impact on their business and operations, which is different in nature as compared to the domestic consumers. It is with this recognition that ICU was founded. ICU operates under the purview of Customer Services Department of SYABAS to provide dedicated service to the industrial and commercial customers.



To provide focused customer service to industrial consumers on water supply related matters and problems


ICU Undertakes To ...

Follow up and reexamine complaints made by water-dependent industrial consumers.

Inform affected water dependent industrial consumers individually on major pipe burst and scheduled maintenance.

Propagate customer education.

Manage customer database created for industrial consumers and trade associations.


ICU also handles, and manages complaints or queries regarding ...

Supply disruptions

Supply shortages

Water quality issues

Burst pipes and leakages
Damaged meters
Water thefts
Any special requirements


What you should know ...

Written notices will be provided through the mass media prior to any scheduled disruptions of water supply interruptions. SYABAS will give advance notice of at least 24 hours for interruptions exceeding 12 hours and at least 2 days for interruptions exceeding 24 hours. We will also indicate the expected time of full-supply restoration.

Any unscheduled or unexpected incidences such as burst pipes or power outages that affect the water supply. SYABAS will rectify them in the shortest possible time and the consumers will be updated accordingly.