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Customer Database Management Section (CDMS)

About Customer Database Management Section (CDMS)

Customer Database Management Section (CDMS) is a unit in the Customer Service Department. It is responsible for the organised collection of customers’ data, the procurement of appropriate database processes to ensure its structured verification and compilation and to make the relevant data available to the various SYABAS processes and application systems. The customer database management is an integral part of SYABAS customer relationship management platform that will provide information, insights into the customers and automated workflows that support SYABAS business objectives.


Key functions of CDM:

Responsible for SYABAS customer data collection and compilation from various sources and channels

Process and perform mathematical and logical operations on the data according to programmed instructions in order to obtain the required information.

Consolidate the processed customer data into one central database repository.
Constantly maintain and update customer data using database systems.
Develop SYABAS consumer database architecture that will interface with SYABAS processes and application systems.


Customer Database Repository System (CDRS)

Due to the large amount of customer database, central database repository solution (called Customer Database Repository System – CDRS) is being developed and the initial phase was duly completed, whereby the consolidated data will be compiled and verified by the database management system. The solutions will improve operational efficiency and facilitate updates of the customer database. It will benefit SYABAS to gain insight into the customers, enabling it to continuously provide value added services. 


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