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Counter Service

Counter Service Section

We at SYABAS are committed to provide the best possible support and easy to find, quick information about your water related matters and concerns. SYABAS has established a One Stop Counter Service, offering a single point of contact to handle consumer enquiries, billing, water supply related matters efficiently and followed by a feedback if necessary.


Our Mission

  • To provide the best and efficient counter service to SYABAS consumers.
  • To enhance customers experience at our counters.

We are offering the following transactions for our consumers:

  1. Bill Payment
  2. Checking & Issuance Copy Of Monthly Bills
  3. Water Supply Application
  4. Application For Change Of Ownership
  5. Application For Closing Of Account
  6. Refund Of Deposit
  7. Water Reconnection
  8. Application To Perform Disconnection On Request
  9. Part Payment On Arrears (Installment Payment)
  10. Standing Instruction (Payment Via Credit Card)
  11. Meter Testing Request
  12. Report On Lost Of Meter
  13. Buying Water – Water Tanker, Static Tank
  14. Issuance Of Meter Change Work Order
  15. Payment Charged For Main Flushing
  16. Application For Migration
  17. Receive and check the 20m3 free water coupon from the state government
  18. Consumer Complaints
  19. General enquiries pertaining to water supply related matters
  20. Issuance Of Miscellaneous Bill:
    • Meter Faulty Charges
    • Meter Damaged Charges
    • Meter Testing Charges
    • NRW Bill
    • Disconnection & Reconnection Charges 
    • Lost Of Meter Charges

If you wish to apply for any of the above transactions, you can download the relevant Forms here.

Our counters operation hour at all 10 districts:

Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday Closed


We also have Drive Thru Bill Payment Counter at SYABAS district offices located at:

  1. Petaling
  2. Hulu Langat
  3. Klang
  4. Kuala Langat