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Development Plan Submission (eDPLAS System)


SYABAS is responsible to supply clean water to consumers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya. Part of the activities in water distribution is to review development plan submitted by consultants and developers. Upon approval by SYABAS, consultants and developers may proceed with their development plan.

eDPLAS system was developed to manage and monitor all applications submitted by consultants and developers. It has centralized database which enable SYABAS headquarter and district offices to view the same information. Reports also can be generated automatically from the system as per required format


This system consists of eight (8) main entities as follows:-

“Kebenaran Merancang” / Plan Approval
Tapping Point
Detail Plan (external) / Reticulation
Internal Plumbing
Mechanical, Electrical & Telemetry
Temporary Water Supply
Handing Over