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Online Business Access (eBIZ System)



Online Business Access for Major Customer & Agent System or eBIZ System was developed aimed to assist Billing and Recovery Department (BRD) in managing, observing, monitoring and organizing their work as well as to share information regarding major customer and agent related to SYABAS. eBIZ System also a platform that provides services to customer or agent of SYABAS in order to make water bills payment in which this system will generate bills and provide total amount of the bills. This system also integrates with two (2) other system which is; BASIS System and CEC System in extracting bills information and generates payment files.


eBIZ System consists of five (5) main modules:


eCOLLECTION – Module used to collect information of water bill payment made at the agent premise such as banks or post office
Mobile Payment – Water bill payment collection via mobile facility
iRECONN – Reconnection module (internal used only) for centralizing information regarding reconnection of water supply to customer
Corporate Pukal – Module to centralized information of water bill payment for corporate sector
eStandInst - Water bill payment collection via standing instruction


From five (5) modules above only iRECONN module been used internally and others is services provide for customer or agent of SYABAS.