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Water Quality

Before SYABAS, consumers’ complaints on water quality were rampant with no proper records to show the extent of the problem. This was partly because of the inadequacy to receive and register complaints due to inadequate staff, equipment or funding to address the problems. Late response to complaints was not uncommon with large number of service reservoirs showed no records of having been cleaned for more than 20 years.


The need for safe, healthy water is critical to all human life. SYABAS adheres to the regulatory compliance preset by the Government during the Concession Agreement (CA) in 2004. From the beginning of operation, we have many times met or exceeded the standards set by the regulator.


When SYABAS took over the function in 2005, water quality becomes our top priority. We spared no effort in ensuring water supply at the consumers’ taps is always clean and safe to drink, even directly. In this respect SYABAS has put in place a procedure to respond to consumer complaints on water quality within one hour and SYABAS has achieved 95.8% compliance to date. SYABAS has also strategised an integrated and holistic Water Quality Improvement Master Plan which was launched in 2007 to improve further on the quality of water distributed to consumers. Our success depends on the knowledge and strength of our dedicated people working around the clock to ensure continued quality of water is delivered to our consumers at all times.