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SYABAS is not a company that merely adapts to change. Our culture actively embraces and optimizes change as a necessary part of our strategy. To stay ahead, our business model requires innovation and change, from without and within.


Various innovations via research and development (R&D) efforts targeting at consumer friendly and cost efficient initiatives among others the introduction of new plastic water meter with no commercial values to combat meter theft, formation of the fully-equipped Water Quality Unit, 21st century state-of-the-art PUSPEL Call Centre, new payment facilities, round-the-clock repair works and reconnection procedure. This is why innovation is the very heart and soul of everything we do at SYABAS– from development of technologies to customer service.


The innovation paths we pursue are nearly always developed in response to, or in anticipation of; innovative customers or rapidly evolving needs that require higher levels of performance and value to make their next leap in productivity, functionality, and quality.