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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Since its inception in 2005, SYABAS has played an integral part in corporate responsibility (CR) initiatives as we recognise the importance of achieving commercial success in ways that honour ethical values as well as respecting our stakeholders and caring for the environment. As a company that promises to supply only the cleanest quality water to its consumers, it is essential for SYABAS to indulge in initiatives to preserve the environments for future sustainability, be it protecting and advocating in the areas of clean water resources, green and cleaner environment, proper waste management to avoid pollutions etc. Through our CR programme, which allows us to manage our operations responsibly; we continue to improve our ways as part of our duty as a caring corporate citizen in getting the right balance so that we can serve the interest of our consumers, the environment and society at large. Our target audience consists of all stakeholders with interest in CR and the communities where we do business.


Among the ongoing programmes that were successfully conducted by SYABAS are:

Education and Awareness Campaign

Water Saving Advocacy

Educational Outreach Programme (Program Pelestarian Pendidikan)

Stakeholders’ Engagement Programme