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Client Charter

Client Charter


Housing Scheme (Domestic Individual Meter)

Supply water of quality that complies with the National Standard for Drinking Water Quality (revised 2000) issued by the Ministry of Health.

The Company aims to provide adequate water supply with the following minimum residual gauged pressure at the point of connection during peak flow in the long term :

  • Rural : 10 m

  • Urban : 22 m

Applications for water supply for new development will be processed within three (3) weeks from the date of receipt of complete applications.

Installation of new meters will be carried out within three (3) working days after the Director's approval has been granted and all payments and conditions have been fulfilled.

Water bills will be issued on a monthly basis.

Reconnection for disconnected water supply will be made within the same day after all outstanding bills and associated charges have been paid.

The public will be notified of Scheduled Interruptions of water supply exceeding 24 hours through the mass media at least 2 days in advance. However, the Company will endeavor to notify the public 7 days in advance of such interruptions.

All unscheduled interruptions of water supply that require more than 24 hours to resume would be announced in the mass media.

All reports on pipe bursts which affect supply, will be attended to within 24 hours after the report was made. Repair works will be completed at the maximum, within the following time period :

  • Communication pipe failure for pipe sizes of less than or equal to 200 mm diameter - Not more than 1 day

  • Pipe sizes > 200 mm and up to 600 mm diameter - Not more than 2 days

  • Pipe sizes > 600 mm and up to 1,200 mm diameter - Not more than 3 days

  • Pipe sizes > 1,200 mm diameter - Not more than 4 days

All enquiries at the counter will be attended to within 15 minutes.

Any enquiries or written complaints through PUSPEL, telephone, fax, e-mail, SMS, Multimedia System (MMS) and mails will be acknowledged within 30 minutes after receipt. The Company will revert within 24 hours to inform the consumers on the remedial action to be taken.

Relief water will be supplied by sending water tankers/static tanks/water containers or any other suitable means when water supply interruptions exceed 24 hours under the following circumstances :

  • Unscheduled interruptions

  • Scheduled interruptions

  • Low pressure zones

In the event of a crisis leading to wide scale interruption affecting more than 100,000 connections for more than 24 hours, the Company will implement the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to organize relief water supplies to consumers.

Consumer's deposit will be returned to the consumer within 3 weeks after the Company has received the original receipt of the deposit.