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Asset Management

Prior to SYABAS takeover, the operation and maintenance of the distribution system was generally lacking leading to frequent breakdowns and water supply interruptions. Complaints on slow response as well as poor quality repair works especially with regards to road reinstatement were rampant. Following that, SYABAS put in place several critical Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and implemented strict enforcement in auditing and checking where service level of quality was greatly improved in the following areas:


Response to pipe burst and pipe leaks:


With the development of the i-JOB System in-house, SYABAS is now able to track all pipe repair jobs effectively and efficiently thereby achieving a very much reduced response and repair time within the Client Charter (CC) and the Mandatory Level of Service (MLS);

Repair Quality (Road Reinstatement)


With strict supervision of all repair works and suspension of contractors for non-compliance, SYABAS was able to achieve a very much higher standard of repair quality with a drop in the number of complaints on road reinstatement. For this purpose SYABAS also developed a step by step instruction on proper pipe repairs and road reinstatement in DVD format; and

Monitoring and Inspection of Trunk Mains and Reservoirs
  Under this programme, all trunk mains, primary mains, and secondary mains along with all service reservoirs and elevated tanks are patrolled and inspected once a month for early detection of any encroachment, leaks, burst, illegal tapping and slope failures. SYABAS has also developed a structured maintenance schedule which is submitted to the relevant authorities every six months.