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Corporate Responsibility

Since its inception in 2005, SYABAS has played an integral part in corporate responsibility (CR) initiatives as we recognise the importance of achieving commercial success in ways that honour ethical values as well as respecting our stakeholders and caring for the environment. As a company that promises to supply only the cleanest quality water to its consumers, it is essential for SYABAS to indulge in initiatives to preserve

Customer Service

PUSPEL, a Customer Service Department of SYABAS offers a convenient and effective communication channel for customers to contact SYABAS and vice-versa on water supply related matters and problems. Equipped with a professional grade telephony & CRM database system, PUSPEL is able to liaise through online, real-time with its district offices. PUSPEL is operational 24-hours and receives, manages


To make SYABAS’ water supply system even more dependable and resilient in meeting future demand for water, the Company has leveraged on new technologies to enhance the overall efficiency of the water industry, especially in the light of reducing NRW level, promoting the quality of treated water as well as providing a world class customer service to our consumers


SYABAS is not a company that merely adapts to change. Our culture actively embraces and optimizes change as a necessary part of our strategy. To stay ahead, our business model requires innovation and change, from without and within

Asset Management

Prior to SYABAS takeover, the operation and maintenance of the distribution system was generally lacking leading to frequent breakdowns and water supply interruptions. Complaints on slow response as well as poor quality repair works especially with regards to road reinstatement were rampant. Following that, SYABAS put in place several critical Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and implemented strict enforcement in auditing and checking where service level of quality was greatly improved in the following areas

Water Quality

Before SYABAS, consumers’ complaints on water quality were rampant with no proper records to show the extent of the problem. This was partly because of the inadequacy to receive and register complaints due to inadequate staff, equipment or funding to address the problems. Late response to complaints was not uncommon with large number of service reservoirs showed no records of having been cleaned for more than 20 years

Human Capital

Since SYABAS took over the water supply management in Selangor, Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, we have increased the number of manpower to ensure that our tasks are executed according to the plans we have outlined to best serve our consumers. As at 13 January 2010, SYABAS has a total of 2,987 employees listed as below


SYABAS is committed to deliver water supply in the highest level of quality, professionalism and prompt services to its consumers. Our prioritization is to take all avenues and possibilities that are considered as the most viable solution for consumers. With the privatization, SYABAS is responsible for the distribution of water services to over 7 million people via over 1.5 million consumer accounts that include domestic consumers, factories, commercial and industrial buildings in the State of Selangor and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, of which 85% are from the domestic consumers and 15% are commercial consumers

Client Charter


Awards and Recognition

As a consumer-oriented organization, the Company must always be alert and proactive in ensuring the service quality provided is at its best. Innovation awards received from the State of Selangor and also other organizations are in recognition of the initiative made in providing the best quality of services to the consumers. The awards won are...