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Water Bill F.A.Q

New Application/Registration Account

How do I get a new water connection?

Procedure involves:


Application by consumer or developer.

2. Registration of consumer details in NAPS (New Application System).
3. Site inspection is performed at site to verify plumbing system of premise.
4. Findings are registered in NAPS.

Deposit Bill & Installation Bill is issued to the customer.

6. Upon payment by consumer, meter installation is carried out at the consumer premise.
7. Consumer account is immediately activated and the first reading would be performed at the next reading cycle.



Bill and Payment

Where can I pay my bills?

Check it out Collection Agencies & Method of Payment here. [Click here]
What payment method I can use to pay my bill?
Check it out Collection Agencies & Method of Payment here. [Click here]
Can I pay my bills online?
Yes. You can pay your bill online through 40 banks but only via JomPay. Below are some of the participant bank:
  • MBF
  • HSBC
  • CIMB
  • EON
  • RHB
  • UOB
How to read my bill?
Check it out how to read your bill here. [Click here]


Prorate Billing Method
What is pro-rate billing method?
It’s a method of billing where the consumption banding is pro-rated for each tariff band based on a 30-day billing period.
When was the pro-rate method be implemented ?
With effect 1st December 2007
Is the pro-rate method applicable to all billing period?
Effective from 1st January 2018, billing is considered a month if the billing period falls within 28 days to 33 days and any billing period days that are not within that range will be pro-rated.

What is the benefit of the pro-rate billing to Syabas consumer ?

Since the formation of SYABAS, programs such as pipe replacement , relocation of meter position and continuous improvement of water quality were carried out by SYABAS to improve the level of services. Prorate billing is another initiative by SYABAS to provide the appropriate tariff of respective consumption band based on the defined period of billing.
Does it apply to all tariff codes?

Pro-rate billing method only applies to Domestic (Code 10) that has 3-band tariff and Commercial (Code 11) with 2- band tariff.

Code 11 :  As for commercial category consumers, the first band of RM2.07 for 35 m³  will be prorated according to the billing period to ensure the consumer still enjoy the first band for the extended billing period

Code 11 :  Calculation for Code 11 is shown below:- 

Nominal  usage(<17 m³) with minimum charge of RM36.00 and billing period is more than 31 days 
Billing days 34 days
Billing period 34 days/ 30 days (1 month)
Consumption 15 m³
Total Bill 36 x 34/30 = RM 40.80
Billing period is more than 35 days
Billing days 35 days
Billing period 35 days / 30 days (1 month)
Consumption 50 m³
 35 m³ x 35 days / 30 days = 40.83m³ x RM 2.07 = RM 84.52
Remainder = 9.17m³ x RM 2.28 = RM 20.91
Total Bill = RM 105.43
Billing period is less than 31 days
Billing days 27 days
Billing period
27 days / 30 days 
Consumption 50 m³
 35 m³ x 27 days / 30 days = 31.50m³ x RM 2.07 = RM 84.52
Remainder = 18.50m³ x RM 2.28 = RM 42.18
Total Bill = RM 107.39


When did SYABAS implement it?
It was implemented on 1 December 2007.
Why was it introduced?
Pro-rate billing was introduced as part of SYABAS’ initiatives to provide consumers with the appropriate tariff according to the billing period of the respective consumption band based on 30-day billing period.
How would consumers benefit from the pro-rate billing method?
Domestic category consumers continue to enjoy the lower tariff bands (RM0.57/m3 for the first 20m3 and RM1.03/m3 for subsequent 15m3) in the event the monthly billing period is extended beyond 33 or below 28 days due to festive holidays or bad weather
What is the method of calculation?

Calculation based on 30 days billing period:


Billing Days : 30 days

Billing Period : 30 days/30 days (1 month) = 1.00 month

Consumption : 40m3


20 m3 x 31 days/ 31 days = 20 m3 x RM0.57 = RM 11.40
15 m3 x 31 days/ 31 days = 15 m3 x RM1.03 = RM 15.45
Remainder = 5 m3 x RM2.00 = RM 10.00
  Total = RM 36.50
How do we get more information about pro-rate billing method?
Consumers can call Pusat Perkhidmatan Pelanggan 24-hour at 15300 for more information on pro-rate billing method.


Water Meter

When will your water meter get installed?

As soon as your application has fulfilled the terms and conditions as stated and you would have obtained the Certificate of Fitness (C.F) or Temporary Certificate of Fitness (T.C.F) for properties (within the local authority only). Also, all related bills have been settled.
How to read my water meter?
Step 1

Identify your current meter reading (10) in your monthly bill. This current meter reading will be the same reading as your water meter at the same time when the reading is taken. NOTE: If the figure does not tally with your meter reading, it may be due to the reason that it is an estimation bill. This can be clarified by looking at the Code for the Type of Reading (17): N indicates normal reading according to meter and E indicates that the reading is estimated.

Step 2 Identify your previous meter reading (11), which should be the same figure as the current reading on your previous bill.
Step 3 Now, calculate your consumption rate (9) with the formula below:

Consumption Rate = Current Meter Reading - Previous Meter Reading


Step 4 If you want to know your average daily consumption, use the formula below:
(Consumption Rate x 1000) / (Days in month (30/31)) x (Number of people in the house)


Step 5

To calculate the current payment amount, firstly you must know the per unit water charges rate in your state (15). Then multiply this rate with the amount of water you have consumed (9).

Step 6 Now, since you know how to calculate your water charges, conduct a water audit for the next 6 months. If there is any indication of a high increase then re-look at your activities during the month. It might be due to a party held in your house or it was the festive season. If there is no distinct activity, then examine your plumbing system as there might be a leak contributing to the higher water consumption.


Change Account Details

How to change name of the account?

Check the procedure to change name or account here. [Click here]



What is water tariff?

A water tariff is a price assigned to water supplied by a public utility through a piped network to its customers. Water tariffs are not charged for water itself, but to recover the costs of water treatment, water storage, transporting it to customers, collecting and treating wastewater, as well as billing and collection.
What is tariff code?
Check the latest SYABAS water tariff here. [Click here]


Disconnection/Reconnection Water Supply
  • Registered consumers are responsible for the payment of water bills issued by SYABAS
  • All outstanding bills need to be paid on time to avoid disconnection without notice
  • SYABAS will not be responsible for the arrears accumulated in the consumer's water account.

Types of Water Supply Disconnection

Water supply disconnection is categorized into three (3) types i.e.:
  • Disconnection for non payment / enforcement
  • Disconnection on request
  • Technical Disconnection
Why water supply disconnection is enforced?
  • To collect outstanding balance of consumers' bills
  • To increase cash flow efficiency
  • To create awareness among consumers on the importance of settling water bills within the given period of time
Disconnection for non payment / enforcement
It is performed when consumers:
  • Have outstanding arrears
  • Have illegal supply connection
How to reconnect my account?
Water supply will be reconnected upon full settlement of outstanding arrears at any SYABAS District Office.

For Disconnection and Reconnection on request or where the supply has been cut off for default in payment of water charges or for an offence against any provisions of the WSIA 2006 .

(a) For meter size below 50 mm
(i) Disconnection due to non-payment RM 35.00
(ii) Reconnection on payment  RM 35.00
(iii) Disconnection and reconnection on request  RM 35.00

(iv) Done at ferrule

Actual disconnection or reconnection cost


(b) For meter size 50 mm - 100 mm
(i) Disconnection due to non-payment RM 50.00
(ii) Reconnection on payment  RM 50.00
(iii) Disconnection and reconnection on request
RM 50.00

(iv) Done at ferrule

Actual disconnection or reconnection cost


(c) For meter size 101 mm - 150 mm
(i) Disconnection due to non-payment RM 100.00
(ii) Reconnection on payment RM 100.00
(iii) Disconnection and reconnection on request
RM 100.00

(iv) Done at ferrule

Actual disconnection or reconnection cost


(d) For meter size above 150mm
(i) Disconnection due to non-payment
RM 520.00
(ii) Reconnection on payment  RM 520.00
(iii) Disconnection and reconnection on request
RM 520.00

(iv) Done at ferrule

Actual disconnection or reconnection cost

Reconnection would be performed within one (1) working day after all the outstanding arrears and reconnection fee are settled. 

How water supply is disconnected?
Water supply can be disconnected through one of the methods as follows:
  • Seal
  • Clamping of the stopcock
  • Closing of the Integrated Lockable Valve (ILV)
  • Plug ferrule
  • Disconnection at communication pipe
When will your water supply be reconnected?
Reconnection would be performed within one (1) working day after all the outstanding arrears and reconnection fee are settled.


Account Closure

Disconnection on request

This type of disconnection is done based on written request by the consumer for the following reasons:
  • Vacant premise for the short term (not more than 3 months)
  • No longer need water supply to the premise
Documents needed to close account on request
  • Application letter
  • Form SYA/F8/2 (Borang Penutupan Akaun dan Permohonan Pulangan Balik Cagaran)
  • Original copy of water deposit receipt / Statutory Declaration