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Service Reservoir Inspection and Cleaning

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I. Reservoir Inspection (RIP)


Objective : To monitor the quality of water supplied through service reservoirs and suction tanks

Method : Sampling using sampler

Parameter Analyzed : Physical (Free Residual Chlorine, Colour, Turbidity & pH)

Water quality will be sampled using ‘depth-samplers’ at 3 different levels (top, middle, bottom) and subsequent cleaning of the reservoirs will be carried out if any water quality violations are detected. Under this programme all service reservoirs will be cleaned by open scour flushing / manually/ robotically and thereafter inspected every six (6) months.

SYABAS distribution system has more than 1,000 service reservoirs. All these reservoirs have been cleaned since 2005 except those newly brought into service.


 Table- Active Reservoir from Year 2010 until 2014  

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Active Reservoir (nos.) 1,034 1,039 1,047 1,070 1,072


 Photographs Depicting Depth Sampler Operating Procedure In Progress






II. Reservoir Cleaning (RCP)


Objective : To improve the water quality and ensure compliance with MOH national standard for drinking water

Method : Manual / Robotic cleaning and open scour method


Under the RIP programme, water quality of all reservoirs will be inspected biyearly. Following this inspection, reservoirs that recorded water quality violations for physical parameters, namely pH, turbidity, colour and free residual chlorine will be cleaned. Wherever possible, SYABAS will minimize water supply interruption during the cleaning programme.




Table- Reservoir Cleaning from Year 2009 until 2014

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Cleaning Achievement (nos.) 247 34 131 51 32

Photographs Depicting Cleaning Of Reservoirs In Progress.





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