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The objective is to achieve a quick initial response time on all water quality complaints from consumers followed by resolution of the complaint. Beginning March 2009, the initial response time for water quality complaints was set at half an hour from one hour previously and as at 31st December 2014, the compliance for this half hour response time was 97.16%.

The scope of work covers initial investigation involving in-situ testing on physical parameters and taking the necessary remedial actions. A Water Quality Consumer complaint report has also to be submitted. Consumers normally complaint on the aesthetic aspects of the drinking water, hence field testing on the physical parameters (Turbidity, Colour, Residual Chlorine and pH) using portable test kits to identify the level and nature of contaminants in the distribution system. If the initial results obtained show no water quality violation, the consumers will be advised to check their internal plumbing system. If violations are detected, appropriate remedial actions will be taken and the distribution system will be retested to ensure the contaminants have been removed. Remedial and resolution actions will be put into place so as to effectively scour and remove contaminants by unidirectional flushing or using the air scouring methods. Re-sampling will be done to determine the effectiveness of the resolution action taken.

All complaints received are recorded and investigated to enable improvements to be made. The most significant area of consumer complaint is on the occasions when long-term suspended solids or iron deposits arising from corrosion in water mains have been disturbed and caused water to be discoloured. The total number of consumer complaints received from 1st January 2014 – 31st December 2014 was 2,222, of which 28.89% were due to internal plumbing problems.

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