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Consumer Awareness Programme (CAP) is an education campaign that was initiated in 2007 to create immediate consumer awareness on water quality issues and to change their perceptions on water quality.

The dissemination of knowledge via CAP is objectively to instill consumers’ confidence in the water quality provided by SYABAS and that it is clean and safe for consumption because of the stringent water quality monitoring activities carried out by Ministry of Health (MOH) and SYABAS.

The program also educates consumers to actively play their roles and responsibilities in preserving the quality of water supplied to their premises by inspecting and maintaining the internal plumbing systems regularly. It also counters misconceptions about household water filters that can sometimes lead to deterioration of water quality at consumers’ premises; lack of maintenance, carry over, etc.

Since year 2010, the CAPs have been carried out on a bigger scale compared to the earlier years at both the headquarters and district levels. The knowledge to be imparted is also delivered in a more interactive atmosphere in the form of educational talk, dialogue, exhibition and demonstration. The programme also touches on other water supply issues such as low water pressure, pipe bursts/ leaks, billing problems, etc. Consumers from different types of categories are targeted such as the residential, commercial and organizations (educational and medical institutions).

Summary of CAPs organized by Headquarters and Districts from Year 2010 to 2014

Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
CAP events organized by HQ 15 20 28 26 0
CAP events organized by Districts 185 179 285 283 260

Note: NA – Not available. CAP at districts level was only introduced in 2008.

Photographs Showing Events of Consumer Awareness Programme (CAP)




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Consumer Awareness Programme